Don’ t waste energy away!

Gen Bike is a smart, simple machine converting kinetic into eletric energy.

it's able to produce and electrify low power appliances like lights, laptop, tv, etc.

Can be adjusted to your own bike so you could save money while you are working out at your own place. Gen bike is easily moved, foldable so you can carry it to charge the batteries of your stand-alone system, on holiday cottage, on camper or camping so you always be power supplied. You only have to ride the bike for just a few hour and gen bike is powered.

it's a revolutionary - innovational idea that meets ane user's profile, on-grid or off-grid.

At the following table, consumed power of some common electrical devices, widely used, is depicted, counterbalanced to human power. In a short – term analysis, such consumptions, could be counterbalanced to human generated energy combined with fight against obesity through user’s exercise.

TABLE Energy consumption of common home appliances.

Electrical/onical Device Consumption (Watt)/hour Human counterbalance to Gen Bike/hour
Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) 13 0.13
Laptop 50 0.5

Television (Flat screen Led)

120 1.2
Microwave oven 750-1100 7.5 -11

Major personal electrical devices such as MP3, cell phones, tablets, laptops etc., could be supplied all the time by gen bike application and an average supply of 100-400W. Furthermore, energy could be channeled to public electricity network through appropriate equipment where can contribute to reduction of energy consumption.

Energy can also be stored in suitable batteries and used whenever needed by an off grid system or could be subordinate part of it.

Energy’s output percentage is too low to be able to fulfill today’s energy demands. Nevertheless, is proved as a reliable energy source, given that is renewable, promotes good health and can reduce energy use.

On the other hand, produced human energy is 100% sustainable in contradiction to electric power which is probable to be produced by common fυels.

Furthermore, this method promotes good health, provided that bicycling is a famous way of cardio workout, especially important for overweight and obesity cases.

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